High Priest Noriella Lightgiver

When she was young, Citizens of Stormwind were seeking refuge in Lordaeron, where she was born.  As the scourge came, her family sought the same in Stormwind.  Seeing the suffering and death and undeath brought on with the scourge, she found solace and comfort in the light the priest hood when able within the Stormwind Cathedral of the light.  .  Her commission took her to work with people in Northshire Abbey where she worked with Ahliarin Nepharin, recovering from mind control shadow magic she acted as a rehabilitation instructor.

Out of the blue, after gaining clemency from Varian Wrynn, she was requested to the Serpents of Dawn, Argent Dawn office in stormwind.  She had been requested by the king to investigate things in Northrend but was curious about the Death Knights and wanted her to supervisor one member named Vidicous.  She took that time also to try to discuss with Ahliarin anything she could recall her about her experience after the confrontation with the rogue archmage Trelinar.  As she actually participated in this adventure to the north, she came to understand the unity the team shared, the dedication ahliarin once spoke of and aside from having Vidicous  hand around her throat at one point after pushing the subject of the wife he lost at stratholme, it was relatively interesting and at the same time liberating experience.  She offered Ahliarin her assistance should she ever need it.

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