Archdruid Vorshen Blackwind

A gilneas native he worked as a cobbler and never much of a soldier until affected by the curse and learned he had an affinity for the natural druidic magic of the night elves.  Upon almost dying was when he first turned, his newfound worgen power causing him to lose control lashing out at anything in his vicinity.  

When he woke, he was assisted in gaining control of this new form, but there was more work to be done.  The war with the forsaken soon came and he helped with their withdrawal using what he had learned from the night elves, until they took to their lands.

When the Worgen came to Darnassus he took up the path of the druid in hopes he could find a way of healing his curse.  As he learned more and grew to be at home in Kalimdor he was sent to Ashenvale where he patrolled with Galadriena Silverbreeze.   They learned a lot of each other and he became interested at the Serpents of Dawn and when a mission came up he asked to join.  

He traveled with her to Ironforge where the Serpents met due to its proximity to the Twilight Highlands.  It was here that he learned of the really crazy life of this group and by the time this mission was over he had to question his ability to continue in that fight.  Until the Legion came.  

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