Battlelord Esmivera

Born on Draenor she was raised to be a warrior.  While at first she only did patrols as life there was relatively peaceful, then the orcs brought war.  She fought against the orcs until the Draenei escaped to Azeroth, defending her people and the Prophet and helping them retreat to what was the Zangar Marsh.

After the blood elves seized tempest keep, she helped take the exodar and they made their escape from draenor.  After it crashed within the Azuremyst Isle she helped efforts to set a perimeter and defend against stow away blood elves and indigenous creatures.

She became worried when her friend Tyredan left to go on a mission to Stormwind.  Upon his return they connected like they had both wanted for a long time.  When he continued with the Serpents she came along, acting as his bodyguard.  Proving to be an asset, especially in missions and a respect for command and order, she very rarely stepped out of line, and when she did, it would result in life saving, which led to Ahliarin coming to trust her judgement in many things.

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